Acacia – Crossford Construction


Project Summary

With a shared vision of transforming an older home into a more comfortable, functional space, Crossford Construction embarked on an extensive custom renovation on Acacia Avenue in Ottawa’s Rockliffe neighbourhood. The project involved an overhaul of the interior of the 1930s-era house which was once an ambassador’s residence.

The Challenge

This project involved redesigning what was previously a public building into a comfortable private home. As well, the owners wished to preserve the many attractive older elements rather than replacing them with something more contemporary.

The Solution

To meet the objective of a home more suited to the clients' lifestyle, an open, family-room type kitchen was created. At the same time, walls were taken down, windows were added and several bathrooms were completely remodelled.

The Result

The clients confirm that it was a relationship of mutual trust between them and their contractor which contributed to their project's success. They note it is obvious to all that the job was completed to a very high standard of quality, with each craftsman on the Crossford team taking great pride in their work.

To have a renovation project proceed smoothly and leave everyone happy at the end, as ours certainly did, you need to find a contractor you can trust and leave them to do what they do best. Our comfort with Lindsay and the entire Crossford team was there all the way through the project; we never once second-guessed our decisions nor felt like they did not have our best interests in mind. We are genuinely thrilled with how Crossford transformed our home into a beautiful place that perfectly suits our family.

Peter Griffiths (Acacia Avenue)

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