Reno Tips – Crossford Construction


The single most import aspect of any renovation or construction project is to choose the right design-
build contractor. So how do you find the right one? A good starting point is online research, including
social media and customer testimonials. There will be a wealth of information available on the
construction industry, and well established design-builder firms will also have a strong online presence
for you to peruse. Other excellent sources include your network of family, friends, colleagues and
neighbours. You may even see some firms working on current projects in your neighbourhood, which
can be an invaluable resource as you will get a good sense of whether they maintain a continual
presence and operate a clean, professional worksite.

After you have established a short list of some potential design-build companies, you should get to know
their work, their process, and their ability to manage the project in a timely and professional manner.
You won’t offend reputable firms with questions, so do not be afraid to ask. A few key questions
include: Will you provide a written contract? Will you secure all permits (e.g. variances, building,
plumbing, electrical, etc.)? Do you carry workers’ compensation and liability insurance? What kind of
warranty do you offer and what does it cover? What schedule will you follow and how will you keep the
job site clean?

Above all, it is important that you feel comfortable with your design-build team as you’ll need to have a
close working relationship with them in order to achieve the best possible results.

Step 1 - Design

An important question to ask when considering a renovation or home build is: should I hire an architect? The answer really depends on your comfort level with the overall design-build process. Crossford can create your drawings in-house, or recommend talented architects. In either case, we will continue work directly with you through the preliminary and construction drawing phases, while making sure all permits are in place. Crossford works diligently and cooperatively to help you through every step of the design process, all the while achieving a reasonable and practical design you will fall in love with. To ensure you get the highest level of detail and confidence, we pride ourselves on using up to date and cutting edge programs, that provide both 2D and 3D planning, including a digital walk through of your newly designed space. These services are offered at a very competitive rate compared with some of our competitors’ standard 2D floor plans and elevations.

Step 2 - Budgeting

To initially guide you, Crossford can provide preliminary ballpark estimates using our extensive experience working on past projects here in the Ottawa market. These estimates will give you an idea of overall costs, but in order to get an accurate proposal you can count on, you will need to have a detailed set of preliminary to-scale drawings. After we review these drawings, whether developed by us or your architect, you will receive a detailed breakdown of costs, from labour to materials to management fees and even proposed overhead and profit. Our approach to estimating is intentionally designed to be completely transparent, clearly demonstrating the commitment to honesty and integrity that Crossford clients have come to know and trust.

Step 3 - Scheduling

When embarking on any construction project, it is important to clearly establish the start date and, more importantly, the end date. At Crossford we understand we are impacting significantly on people’s lives, so we do not take scheduling lightly. We make every effort to accommodate clients’ personal schedules and strive to work our construction process around that. Throughout the project we continue to communicate and update our clients, so that they are always informed as to where their project stands. In construction, there are a multitude of moving parts that can affect the schedule. Some items are within our control such as a client’s choice to add scope to a project while underway; some are not, such as unusual weather. Regardless, it is our dedication to constant communication that leads to customer satisfaction and a successful project.

Step 4 - Construction

The construction process can be overwhelming for people who have never experienced it before. Some clients can find it emotional to witness their home being torn apart by strangers while it is being prepared for new construction. But the rewards are worth it! When you hire a reputable design-build firm like Crossford, you can rest assured that all zoning bylaws, building codes, and good work practices are respected and all necessary permits are obtained. The construction is inspected by city officials at specific intervals, and our structural engineers are involved as required to ensure all work is carried out to the highest standards. The jobsite is kept clean and safe, and our crews are always courteous and accommodating. A registered RenoMark contractor, Crossford provides a two year warranty on all construction, double the one year industry standard. We do this to demonstrate our confidence in our work and our commitment to overall quality, as well as to provide our clients with the ongoing security of knowing they made the right choice.

At the end of your project, there is really just one thing left to do - enjoy it!